KMPlayer strives to protect users' valuable personal information so that users can use the service with confidence. KMPlayer Service (hereinafter referred to as the “KMPlayer”) strictly complies with the privacy laws of Republic of Korea. In addition, KMPlayer is serviced all over the world, so the KMPlayer will continue to strive to comply with the privacy laws and regulations in the region where the service is provided. If the KMPlayer is failing to comply with the privacy laws required by your region, please contact us at The KMPlayer will do the best to protect the user's personal information safely.
The KMPlayer will inform you the information which is collected.
The user can use the service without registering as a member, and the KMPlayer does not collect any personal information from the user. In the process of using the service, the KMPlayer may collects service usage record, device information, etc. through Google Firebase.
Except in the above cases, the KMPlayer may request additional personal information in special circumstances such as events. The KMPlayer will provide information and consent to the items collected, the purpose of use, and the storage period at that time.
The KMPlayer will collect the user’s personal information as follow.
- Google Firebase
The KMPlayer use Firebase to better understand and optimize user characteristics in mobile applications. At this time, the user data is anonymized and transmitted to Firebase. Personal information and information obtained from Firebase are not combined. The KMPlayer collect information from Firebase and use it only to improve the KMPlayer application. You can view Firebase's privacy policy at
Collected information will be used as follow.
The KMPlayer use personal information for the sole purposes of managing development and improvements, establishing a safe user environment, and etc.
- For analyze statistics and usage records.
- For establish a safe service environment for users.
- For convenient service use for users
The Partnership Policy
KMPlayer 32 Bit respects the privacy policy of our partners.
- Cassini Labs Privacy Policy :
Efforts to protect personal information
If the KMPlayer collect personal information, the KMPlayer will do the best to manage it safely. The KMPlayer will do actively conducting vaccines and backups in preparation for the risk of hacking or viruses.
The department in charge.
Users can report any complaints related to the protection of personal information arising from using the KMPlayer’s services to the department in charge. The KMPlayer will promptly respond to the reported matters.
- Personal Information Protection representative
Name : Bryan Tak
Position : Leader
Contact : Phone +82 70-4484-7100 / FAX +82 31-776-7679, 7680
- Personal Information Protection department
Department : KMPlayer
Name : Cho Hwang
Position : Manager
Contact : Phone +82 70-4484-7100 / FAX +82 31-776-7679, 7680
Email :
This privacy policy may be changed in accordance with the relevant laws and guidelines of the Republic of Korea government, or may be arbitrarily adjusted according to changes in the KMPlayer 's terms and conditions, so please visit our website at from time to time to check it.
Announcement date: 22th May 2020
Effective from: 22th May 2020